Why Us

GMG Construction, home remodeling San Antonio, is a small independently owned construction business that strives to demonstrate timely completion of projects, value in craftsmanship, and professionalism in customer service.  My company has been in business for the past nine years and I have been in construction for the past seventeen years. My foreman has been building houses with his father since he was nine years old. Back when you could take your child onto a job site and teach them a few things without being judged.  He himself has been in the industry for over fifty years.

From carpenters, to painters, to helper, we have all been in the industry for quite some time.  Taking this time to explain to customers “why us” is not an easy task for myself. I tend to be low-key and modest when it comes to divulging my abilities.  I tend to leave this sort of thing to my customers. Since this is an important part of making myself available to potential new customers, I must sit here and grit my teeth.  

I come from a long line of family members that serve people in various ways, from my father and three brothers who served in the armed forces; to my mother and sister who both work in the restaurant industry, another brother in construction and even much further into my lineage.  My purpose in this world is to serve others, and my method is through home remodeling San Antonio. My family and I understand the importance of civility in serving.

With my construction business I am able to demonstrate what it truly means to provide a service to the general public. We often go above and beyond the call of duty.  Whether it’s a home renovation or an insurance claim, we tend to find additional deficiencies in the property that a previous contractor or builder missed. We work in your favor to make yourself or insurance adjuster aware of the potential liabilities and we rectify any issues.

If you decide to utilize my services, it will most likely be because of your due diligence in researching my company, GMG Construction of South Texas.  You will find various honest reviews of extremely satisfied customers. I take great pride in achieving the ultimate goal for both my clients and myself, which is the completion of their project in a timely manner and exceeding their expectations.  With every job that we complete, we ensure that we keep our reputation in high standards.

My work and business ethics are what keeps my company and  home remodeling San Antonio in high regard with customers and vendors. It is not only important to keep my customers happy but also all my trades as well. When I respect their ability to complete a task, they in turn make sure they provide the best service for my clients.  It is important in all of my projects, with all parties involved, that we all work cohesively to achieve the best outcome in every project.

When you choose GMG Construction for your  home remodeling San Antonio services, you will encounter knowledgeable craftsman in their field of expertise.  Our tradesman and staff will guide you through a challenging process by giving you our expert advice. You will find that our services are second to none.  We collectively have over ninety plus years of construction knowledge. While in your home, our professional staff will treat your home like our own. Prior to the start of the construction project, we walk through your home to assess any potential liabilities.  We make sure that prior to demo, we cover floors with masonite, cover furniture with plastic, and remove drapes/window fashions.

We also utilize Zip Wall systems to keep dust and debris from migrating to others portions of the home that are not being renovated.  We remove paintings or valuables that can be josseled off walls. We take these precautions on every project that we encounter no matter how big or small the project size.  This will all be evident not only on our first day of the project, but also throughout the duration of your project. We will strive to earn your trust and respect so that we can make this temporary inconvenience as comfortable as possible.  

Our home remodeling San Antonio is unique in many ways.  We provide an array of services that is all encompassing ranging from small bathroom projects to new construction builds.  It is often that I come across customers who have had other contractors in their home to assess their project cost and needs, only to walk away because they are unable to ascertain the clients vision.  This tends to happen with structural changes in the home. We tend to utilize our commercial construction background to achieve the structural changes needed that cannot be produced through residential construction methods.  

There are not many ways to transform the footprint of a home that can make a dramatic impact other than by removing interior load bearing walls.  This is one facet of my business in which we excel. My team operates in such an efficient manner that we tend to outperform companies that are much larger than us.  This is achieved through thoughtful planning, logistics, and execution of the very definite processes of construction. With these processes, my team understands the importance of each others duties.  We do not, as a team, rush a project for short term gains. My crew is dedicated to the end result and respect each other in the process.

In conclusion, GMG Construction has built a reputation that we intend to maintain through our  home remodeling San Antonio. In our nine years of business, we have grown steadily to become one of the premier construction companies in San Antonio and the surrounding area.  We will continue to maintain a high degree of excellence in our construction methods. Our ethical practices will be the focus of our business growth. Through these core values, we intend to provide San Antonio and surrounding area with the highest level of construction needs.  

I’ve always and will continue to live by this statement for my business, “We don’t just construct, we build lasting relationships with our customers through professionalism and honesty.”